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Review of 'Sinbad the Sailor'
presented by
Bottisham Players, January 23-25th, 2003

Sinbad the Sailor, the Bottisham Players panto was as I predicted great fun. My lot took up most of a row and we made an occasion of it and joined in with gusto, aided and abetted by staff from Queens Court who sat nearby and were clearly out to enjoy themselves. Old timers cared for by such jolly folk are indeed fortunate. The strength of the Players was demonstrated again for many star actors took small roles on the principle of sharing out the plum parts. The Dame this time was Players veteran Alan Milne with a nice line in stripy tights. The plot rolled along slickly under new Director Val Quy and the large cast, musicians and backstage hands combined to make a memorable show. There were many fine performances and it would be invidious to mention some and not others for all were good. The JH Oscar this time goes to Colin Bryant for the second year running. Last year he wowed us with his amazing tights and this time in a cameo role as old King
Neptune in flowing robes and mass of wavy hair he resembled a cross between Mama Cass and Roy Wood of Wizard, (remember them?). The show was almost stolen by the little children who came on stage and were interviewed. They were brilliant especially the little girl who announced that she was, ‘having difficulty coming to terms with being in the Juniors’.

John Humphreys