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Review of 'Round and Round the Garden'
presented by
Bottisham Players, October 16th-18th, 2003

Part of the Ayckbourn Norman Conquest Trilogy, this section was a good choice for the Players. The Drama Studio has difficulties with catering for a seated audience, but the vast amount of space available for the stage section can be used to great effect and this Company excels in large roomy sets, beautifully decorated, and this was no exception. Top marks to the production team, particularly the set design and building team. In the leading role, John Hartley held centre stage as Tom somewhat bewildered at times with problems arising from the house guests at the house for a summer weekend, and he was well supported by Lesley Pilgrim (Annie). The other members of the house party - Norman (Graham Waterhouse), Reg (David Fisher), Sarah (Pam Daish) and Ruth (Lynda Ibbitt) produced good characterisations leading to the drama of the production and reflecting the typical Ayckbourn plot. Production by Rosemary Jolley was well up to her high standard.

John Seaman