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Pictures of 'Round and Round the Garden'
Alan Ayckbourn

presented by
Bottisham Players, October 16th-18th, 2003

directed by
Rosemary Jolley

Director's Note: This play is part of the well known Norman Conquests trilogy, which describes tthe amusing events of a family over one weekend seen from the dining room (in Table Manners), the living room (in Living Together) and the garden as shown here. Some of you may have seen our production of Table Manners in 1998. In this play, Annie's attempt to have a rare weekend away from looking after mother and Sarah's attempt to enjoy a welcome break in the country culminate in disaster!

The action passes in the garden of a Victorian vicarage-type house during a weekend in July.

Act 1

Scene 1: Saturday, 5:30 pm

Scene 2: Saturday, 9 pm

Act 2

Scene 1: Sunday, 11 am

Scene 2: Monday, 9 am

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