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Pictures of 'Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood'
Peter Denyer

presented by
Bottisham Players, January 31st - February 2nd, 2002

directed by
David Coles

Act 2


Spirit of the Greenwood, Karen Sangster

The Encampment in the Forest

Stand well back, I'm coming through, "Nothing Can Stop Me Now"


...finally, Nurse Norah finds the Babes safe with Robin Hood

A Path in the Forest

Rejoicing in the outdoor life, Nurse Norah gives sweeties to the audience and the Babes

Nurse Norah and the Babes: Ted Sketchley, Alexa Daish, Hollie Coles

...but the Sheriff re-captures the Babes and Nursie spills the beans about Robin's plan to rescue Marian

Deep in the Dungeons

Marian is manacled - but can still sing for help ("Out here on my own")

Maid Marian in the dungeoon, Jennie Fatibene

Robin comes through the tunnel to rescue her

Robin and Marian: Katheryn Evans, Jennie Fatibene

...but the Sheriff, using Nurse Norah's blabbed information, captures Robin...

Robin, Marian and Sheriff: Katheryn Evans, Jennie Fatibene, David Fisher

..and Herman blows up the tunnel, blocking escape...

The Sheriff will marry Marian and hang Robin tomorrow

The Corridor Again

Friar Tuck learns what has happened from Herman

Hermann the Henchman and Friar Tuck: Tom Fell and Ali White

The Hanging of Hood


The Sheriff has revised the vows: 'Do you, Marian, promise to clean the bath out after him?'

Herman can't hang Hood - he's pulled a muscle

Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet bring on a substitute hangman, Big Boris, whose 'ands 'ave 'ung 'undreds

Nurse Norah pleads for Robin's life

But Big Boris is really Little John, who frees Robin

Robin fights the Sheriff

The Spirit of the Greenwood casts a spell on the Sheriff

Robin proposes to Marian

"The Best of Times is Now"

The Same Old Corridor

The obligatory audience participation song

The Wedding of Robin and Marian

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