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Pictures of 'Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood'
Peter Denyer

presented by
Bottisham Players, January 31st - February 2nd, 2002

directed by
David Coles

Director's Note: Peter Denyer, who wrote last year's Aladdin, has come up with another exceptional script for this year's production, linking Robin Hood with Babes in the Wood. It is my pleasure to be the director and I must pay tribute to Jan Wilson for her excellent work on the choreography and Mark Aldous for the musical direction. You see before you a refurbished main hall but the changes this has brought about back stage has been a major problem for Ted Southcombe and his band of staff and we thank them all most sincerely for all their efforts.

David Coles, Jan Wilson, Mark Aldous

Act 1

Prologue: Beelzebub and the Sheriff

Beelzebub lit by ultra-violet lights

Spirit, Beelzebub and Sheriff

The Fair at Nottingham Castle

"Come Follow The Band"

...watch your lip, you Saxon dog!

Would you like a toffee apple?

Hi, Unky-Wunky!

Herman signals that its time for the archery contest

Good lord, Herman, have you been practising?

Robert the Tinker takes his turn


...for I am Robin Hood!

After a chase, the hooded man is caught...

...but it was Herman! Ha-ha!

A Path in the Forest

Little John captures a stranger seeking Robin's camp (no its just the way he walks)

Robin's band - well, more of a quartet, actually

"You got a friend in me!"

The Schoolroom

Buttercup falls off...

Singing the school song

A Corridor in the Castle

a boppier school song! ("Schooldays")

no, I'm not like that!

The Nursery

Syrup of figs at bedtime

Lay closer to the edge of the bed and you'll soon drop off

While they sleep, the toys come alive

Toy dance, lit by ultra-violet

The Sheriff and Herman tie up Nurse Norah and kidnap the Babes. John screams!

A Corridor Revisited

Nurse Norah calls for Marian to help, but the Sheriff captures her

The Heart of the Greenwood

Herman takes the Babes into the Forest...

...but can't go through with killing them...

...the Spirit of the Greenwood appears...

...and summons birds to cover them...

...and Robin Hood to keep them safe ("Somewhere Out There")

Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood: Act 2 continues after a short break...

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