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Pictures of 'Variety Show 2000'
presented by
Bottisham Players, May 18-20th, 2000


Variety Show 2000 is a celebration of the past 2000 years in song, word and dance. The content of the show is the result of collaboration between a team of people led by Rosemary Jolley. The team members are Pam Daish, Grahame Radford, Philip Routley, David Coles and Richard Clarkson, who have also been responsible for directing different parts of the show. We do not claim to be historically accurate, nor to have included or excluded any particular events or people for any particular reason. This is simply a collection of items chosen to (a) depict some of the eras from the first to the twentieth centuries, (b) to entertain you, our audience, in a variety of styles and (c) to suit our group as performers. We hope that by the end of the evening you will agree with the sentiments expressed in one of the songs from Act 2:

"This night was special, it's been fun and not been a bore
We gave you some jokes, we hope that you've not heard before
We've given you some talent, a wonderful thing
Some dancing and songs that we've wanted to sing
We're so grateful and proud
What we want is to sing it out loud..."

Act 1

In the beginning...

Songs from Jesus Christ Superstar!

Monologue - the origins of "Bottisham"

In Days of Olde (when knights were bold)

Medieval song "When I Gaze at You Again"

Battle of Hastings

Tudor Times

"Brush Up Your Shakespeare"

Duel Scene from "Twelfth Night"


Troubled Times

Les Miserables "Master of the House"

Les Miserables "Do You Hear The People Sing"

Victorian Times

Oliver! "Food, Glorious Food"

Alice in Wonderland


Old Tyme Music Hall

Act 2

The Twentieth Century


"The Boyfriend", Charleston dance

"Blue Moon"

"Don't put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington"

42nd Street

Max Miller

Chattanooga Choo Choo: Lindy Hop

String of Pearls

Ron and Eth (The Glums)

Old Girl's Reunion (Joyce Grenfell)

Rock around the Clock

Grease: "We Go Together"

Grease: "Summer Nights"

Train Ride (The Two Ronnies)

Round the Horne

1960's Fashion Show

My Guy

Thank you for the Music

Spice up your Life

From a Distance