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Review of 'Love Begins at Fifty'
presented by
Bottisham Players, May 18-20th, 2001

Lesley Pilgrim uses the header page of the programme to tell us that this was "her first time directing and only by default". She has nothing to be ashamed of! She managed the mistaken identities, cover-ups and other complications rather well. In a set the full width of the Village College Drama Studio, the players had stacks of space. The timing was a bit dodgy occasionally. Jane Seakins (Anita Debanks) played the very superior part well but her husband Clive (Neil Larner) was not altogether comfortable in the part. His friend Jack Reynolds (Robert Handley-Packham) was very confident in spite of the complications of three ladies in his life. The lighting and scene changes were well done. The pace did not quite allow the show to be rollicking fun but it was entertaining. I must not, of course, forget the star of the show - Suzie the goldfish!

John Seaman