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Pictures of 'Mother Goose'
by Peter Denyer

presented by
Bottisham Players, January 27th - 29th, 2005

directed by
David Coles

Director's Note: It has been my pleasure to direct "Mother Goose" for the second time in Bottisham in 15 yers, although with a very different script. We still have a few faces from last time round, but in different roles. My thanks for the support I have received from the production team and the cast. In particular I will mention Charis Newman, our choreographer for the first time, who has inspired us with her energy and expertise and another Newman, Christine, who has taken on the mammoth task of costumes - many thanks, Charis and Chris. If you find any problems with the wildfowl, don't blame my dog walking friend John Humphreys. Any unusual antics are thanks to help from Denis King. I hope you enjoy the show.

Act 1

Scene 1: The Village of Little Hassle

Scene 2: A Lane Near the Village

Scene 3: Mother Goose's Cottage

Scene 4: A Lane Near the Village

Scene 5: The Gardens of Goose Hall

Scene 6: Mother Goose's Boudoir

Scene 7: On the way to the Magic Pool

Scene 8: The Magic Pool

Act 1

Scene 9: The Village Fete

Scene 10: The Forest of Desolation

Scene 11: The Wicked Wood

Scene 12: One the way to Gooseland

Scene 13: King Gander's Palace

Scene 14: A Lane Near the Village

Scene 15: The Wedding at Goose Hall

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