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Pictures of 'Dick Whittington and Wondercat'
David Wood

presented by
Bottisham Players, January 22nd - 24th, 2004

directed by
Brian Watson

Act 2

Scene 1: Port of London - Quayside

All aboard...

Farewell London... (Dick sneaks on board)

Scene 2: The Deck of the Ship

A Sailor's Life For Me!

Our chance to take over the ship, Swash


Miss Alice will walk the plank!

Scene 3:
Under the sea

Look out Alice: its coming to get you!

Scene 4: The Deck of the Ship

Storm! Storm Ahoy!

Scene 5: A Raft on the open sea

Scene 6: The Palace of the Queen of the Barbary Coast

Queen: Have you had good hunting, my dear? Princess Coral: Yes, Mother, look!

We suffer from a plague of rats

Your majesty, I think my cat can rid you of these rats

Shoo Shoo Miaow Miaow!

Mother! Look what we've found!

To Dick and his Wondercat

Cat, Cat, You're a Wondercat!

Scene 7: London Street, outside the Mansion House

Alas, cats don't live as long as we, but Cat ensured he'd be remembered: Grandkittens!

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