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Pictures of 'Dick Whittington and Wondercat'
David Wood

presented by
Bottisham Players, January 22nd - 24th, 2004

directed by
Brian Watson

Director's Note: I was in this pantomime as one of the pirates about 18 years ago, so it is a particular pleasure for me to see the show performed properly this time! This production is set a little forward in time from when Sir Richard Whittington actually was Lord Mayor of London. In fact, any similarities in the setting and style between this show and last year's film "Pirates Of The Caribbean" are more than coincidental. Still, as many traditional elements of pantomime have been incorporated as possible from a cast where the ladies considerably outnumber the gentlemen. Next time, please feel free to volunteer yourself! Everyone has, as usual, worked to their utmost to entertain you and we all hope you enjoy it and do your part to join in with the cast when asked.

Act 1

Scene 1: London Street, outside the Mansion House

We Want Whittington, We Want Whittington

Let's tell him the story of Dick Whittington - Dick lived in the country

Dick goes to London, where he meets Cat

Scene 2: London Street, in the morning

Homeless, Dick and Cat spend the night in the street outside Alderman Fitzwarren's

Dick gets taken on by the Lady Alderman, but first has to learn his ABCs

Scene 3: Inside Lady Alderman Fitzwarren's Store

The other apprentices, Tom and Harry, don't get on with Dick very well

But Dick does a good job in the store

Scene 4: London Street

Pirates Buckle and Swash are also after a job with the Alderman

Scene 5: Bertha's Kitchen

Harry has to help Bertha thecook in the Kitchen

Scene 6: Inside Lady Alderman Fitzwarren's Store

Tom steals the Alderman's present to Alice and puts it in Dick's bundle

Dick is sent away: Go, Go, Go!

Scene 7: Highgate Hill

Dick hears the bells

and returns to London

Dick Whittington and Wondercat: Act 2 continues after a short break...

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