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Pictures of 'Brush with a Body'
Maurice McLoughlin

presented by
Bottisham Players, October 7th-9th, 2004

directed by
Sue Tennant

Director's Note: This month makes it my tenth anniversary with Bottisham Players and, after itching to direct for the longest time, I finally got to realise my dream! From the moment I read the script of "Brush with a Body", I knew that this was going to be the one. Although there have been many challenges for me as director, I have thoroughly enjoyed it all. Over the years I have found that Bottisham Players as an amateur dramatic group has so much talent and experience either in acting, backstage or otherwise that not only have I enjoyed being in many productions of one kind or another, I feel that my directorial debut has been a very exciting and fulfilling experience too. The cast have been brilliant, slaving away two nights every week all through the summer. One of them summed it up by saying "we have been doing this so much, but we are still laughing and enjoying it!" I hope that you enjoy the show and, who knows, I might even get to give directing another go in the not too distant future.

The play involves a wily chimney sweep, a housekeeper with a large problem that needs sorting out, a mother who knows more than she is letting on, together with her unsuspecting daughters and her son who, being a psychiatrist has more than enough problems of his own! There are, of course, other characters coming and going throughout the play, which hopefully will enhance your amusement. The action takes place in the morning room of Sybil Walling's house in Hampstead.

Act 1: A summer morning

Act 2: The next morning

Act 3: Immediately following

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