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Pictures of 'Beyond a Joke'
Derek Benfield

presented by
Bottisham Players, May 15th-17th, 2003

directed by
David Fisher

Director's Note: I was first involved with Bottisham Players between 1984 until 1991 when I moved from the village. I returned in December 2001 and although I have directed and appeared in shows, plays and pantomimes elsewhere, this group will always hold a special place in my heart. I am very proud to present "Beyond a Joke" to you. My cast and everyone associated with the production have worked exceptionally hard and, on behalf of them all, I trust you will have a very enjoyable evening with us.

The action takes place in the drawing-room and part of the garden of Andrew and Jane's detached house in the country in the present day. It is summertime and the going is easy...

Act 1

Scene 1: Friday evening

Scene 2: Saturday morning

Act 2

Scene 1: A few seconds later

Scene 2: After lunch the same day

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