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The Bottisham Players

The Bottisham Players are based at the Village College, which is a large comprehensive school catering for approximately l,000 pupils. During the l940's a group called 'The Playmakers' was formed and they used the College's main hall for their productions. The group continued until the late 1970's, although they had their ups and downs. On some occasions during the 60's and early 70's they were augmented and the group were then called 'The Bottisham Village College Ad Hoc Drama Group', who performed such plays as 'The Cherry Orchard', 'St. Joan' and 'Macbeth'.

The College, which was built in 1937, has had an impressive record over the years for it's teaching of drama. At the outset the school had 250 pupils and the main hall, which can seat 250 persons and has a raised stage area, was used for school productions as well as being used for assemblies, as a gymnasium and other major purposes. In 1975 a new Drama Studio was added to the College, and the first production hosted was 'King Lear' which was performed 'in the round' by the 'Ad Hoc' group.

Shortly after this time The Bottisham Players were formed and they have presented about 60 productions since then. The most prolific period for the Players has been since 1988, during which time more than 40 productions have been seen, including 13 Pantomimes. The usual pattern is to have plays in the Spring and Autumn and a Pantomime in January. The plays were performed in the Drama Studio up to 2005 but now everything is performed in the Main Hall. In recent years, variety shows in the Spring have been particularly relished by cast and audiences.

In 1994 a Youth Section of the Players was started and soon became independent of the Players.

The pantomimes, performed in the main hall, refitted at the end of 2001, include a wide age range in the cast and play to audiences of about 800 people, who prefer the traditional style of panto with plenty of comedy and colourful costumes.

In May 2000 we celebrated with a Millennium Variety Show in the main hall, and the audience seated in small groups round tables lit with candles. There was a cast of around 50 from ages ranging from 7 to 70+, and live music from an ensemble of musicians. The material of the show referred to major events from the past 2000 years using song, drama, poetry, dance, and narration accompanied by projected images on a large screen.

Bottisham Players has a sociable and active membership.

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